The project is headed by prof. Lone Gram, DTU Bioengineering who has extensive expertise in bacterial ecology and interactions, with special focus on aquatic probiotic and antagonistic bacteria. The Gram group has also worked on fish pathogenic bacteria assessing their virulence properties and strategies for virulence interference. Lone will in the present proposal be responsible for the scientific work involving fish pathogenic V. anguillarum and probiotic roseobacters, including selection, combining and evolution experiments. The Gram-group is from 2012 and for four years be part of three large-scale EU projects focusing on bio discovery in marine bacteria and bacterial cell factories and whilst probiotics, per se, are not included, a significant cross-feeding from these projects is expected. A Ph.D. student (Torben Grotkær) will be responsible for work on probionts and a post doc (Paul D'Alvise) will be employed for work on V. anguillarum

Assoc. prof. Mathias Middelboe, Marine Biological Section (MBS), University of Copenhagen (UC) is a specialist in bacteriophages and phage therapy. The group at MBS possesses strong experience and expertise in phage-host interactions, regulation of phage activity and the effects of phages on host evolution including development of phage resistance. In addition, Mathias is currently leading a project on bacteriophage interactions with the fish pathogen Flavobacterium psychrophilum in trout aquaculture. A Ph.D. will be employed to work on V. anguillarum phages and a post doc will be responsible for V. anguillarum challenges. MBS and DTU Food will jointly set up bacterial-phage cyclic model systems.

Dr. Pantelis Katharios, researcher at the Institute of Aquaculture, Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR), Greece, has expertise in fish pathology and phage therapy in aquaculture from several large national and EU research projects. He is the coordinator of AQUAPHAGE project (FP7, Marie Curie, IRSES) working on phage therapy. HCMR has state of the art large scale facilities for all stages of Mediterranean Aquaculture including two hatchery units (one intensive and one mesocosm) and live feed department (microalgae, rotifers and artemia cultures). The Aquaculture facilities of HCMR are part of the AQUAEXCEL project (FP7, Capacities project providing Aquaculture research community access to top class research infrastructures)  HCMR  will be responsible for sea bream rearing trials and challenge test, and will together with MBS and ACD Pharmaceuticals work on phage microbiology.

Prof Heidrun I. Wergeland, The Fish Immunology Group of the University of Bergen (UiB), focuses on basic studies of the immune defense and disease control mechanisms in fish. Together with Institute of Marine Research, IMR with principal scientist Øivind Berg  they have developed the larval assays for turbot and cod  that are to be used in the present project.

Kirsten Engell-Sørensen is director at FishLab that is an advisory company that has assignments in Denmark and worldwide in the aquaculture and environmental protection sectors.

Arne Rusbjerg is company chairman at VenøSund Fisk og Skaldyr Aps and Anders Thinggaard is director of Maximus A/S. These companies produce copepods and larvae of several species (turbot, flounder, oysters)

Nancy Durala is manager of fish pathology and Antonio Coli is an ichtyologist at Selonda Aquaculture SA that is a leading global producer and supplier of high-quality farmed Sea Bream and Sea Bass. Selonda has more than 1,000 employees and their facilities include 5 hatcheries and 54 sea cages producing more than 30,000 tons per year. Also, Selonda is engaged in fish processing and fish feed production.

Dr. Hans-Petter Kleppen is resarch scientist at ACD Pharmaceuticals A/S; a company specializing in bacteriophage treatment in aquaculture. They are part of Nordly Holding which also owns companies specialised in fish feed production and pharmaceuticals for aquaculture.

Merlin Jinzhi Hu is head of scientific collaboration division at BGI-Techsolutions, which is a world leading genomics sequencing and analysis company.



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